10 Best Wall Art Designs To Spice Up Your Space

Would you like to decorate your wall with the best wall art designs? Then you need to know about these 10 things that can make your wall look stunning. It is not just the paintings that can enhance the wall decor. There are several others like wallpapers, tapestries, and more that can help you increase the aesthetic value of your walls. In this article, I’m going to show the 10 best ideas for wall art designs that will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your interior spaces.

1. Wallpapers: The Stunning Wall Art Designs

Who needs the paints when there are attractive wallpapers available for walls?! For those who are confused about using paints or wallpaper, well, here is an answer for you. Wallpapers are far better than paints in terms of affordability. So, if you are more concerned about the cost, then wallpapers would be the best choice. Moreover, there are a variety of wallpapers available in different sizes, with eye-catching designs.

If you have decided to use wallpapers, then go for a mural wallpaper design. Mural wallpapers are one of my favorites, they would give the best experience with stunning patterns and designs. A lot of interior designers have switched over to the use of wallpapers, rather than painting the walls as they are the trend today.

2. Place a Canvas Painting To Create An Impression  

When it comes to wall art designs, a lot of people prefer canvas paintings. The canvas paintings are indeed a great option to beautify your walls. You can use a variety of painting styles like landscape paintings, abstract paintings, realistic paintings, and more. If you are a person who loves reality and things that exist in the real world, place a realistic painting. Suppose you want to showcase highly imaginative paintings that are unrealistic yet beautiful, use an abstract painting.

Similarly, there are about 13 different styles of painting each one representing a specific artistic movement and its significance. Since paintings have the ability to boost the mood and creativity of a person, they can be a great addition to your living room.

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3. Wall Decals: The Most Creative Wall Art Designs

How about adding your favorite quote or saying on the wall right above your bed?! Not just words, you can also have various artistic designs portraying beautiful things. Wall decals are one of the best wall art designs that can be just stuck on the wall. They are removable stickers that can be taken off easily if needed.

You can also choose decals with geometric designs that can give a perfect shape thereby enhancing the wall’s aesthetic value. Similarly, you can use motivational quotes in the living room or your study room to motivate and enjoy what you are doing.

4. Use a Tapestry to Enhance the Wall Decor

Tapestry is a cloth woven with beautiful images, patterns, etc. on it. From ancient times to the present day, tapestries have been one of the most prominent wall art designs. It needs an expert’s touch to finely weave the cloth and get an eye-catching design out of it. You can just hang these on the walls just behind your bed, or in the living room as per your convenience.

The best part of using tapestries as a part of wall art designs is that it makes your room look large and spacious. There are also tapestries that are made with modern elements as well for modern wall decor lovers. Tapestries that have a floral design are really amazing and give your room a beautiful look.

5. Make a Gallery Wall

Who doesn’t love a wall full of amazing photo frames with eye-catching images?! It is one of the best wall art designs that make up a fantastic wall decor. You can use the best pictures, artwork, etc. to make a gallery wall in your interior spaces. I’m sure the gallery wall is the first thing that your guests would look into when they enter your house. This would ultimately reflect your taste and personality. So why not give it a try?

Moreover, you can try making a gallery wall in whatever place you like. Bedroom, living room, foyer, etc. to keep the guests engaged in your house. The empty walls with just a plain-colored painting will look boring if there isn’t a gallery. So, give it a try and make your walls look amazing with a gallery wall.

6. Add Floating Shelves For a Minimalistic Wall Art Design

If you are wondering whether floating shelves can make up a better wall art design, well, they can! All you need is a creative mind to place these shelves to resemble an art. Apart from placing the paintings and other artwork on the shelves, you can make the shelves themselves a wall art design. Imagine a tree with its branches that serve as shelves. Interesting right? Apart from this, there are several other ideas for shelving that make unique patterns and designs.

If you choose to keep your wall art designs minimalistic, then try using these floating shelves with a couple of decor items on them. I’m sure this would make your interior space more attractive. Get your desired floating shelf for your living room wall and enjoy the view every time you see it!

7. Try Macrame Wall Hangings: The Magical Knots!

Macrame wall hangings are made just by knotting the cords of cotton, Lenin, etc.  The magic lies in the knotting methods of these cords. They are done in such a way that the outcome gives a beautiful pattern. This can be hung on the walls which would make one of the best wall art designs.

You can create your own macrame if you just know the trick of knotting. Also, it is easy and fun to make these macrame wall hangings, especially for beginners. You have a lot of videos on YouTube where you find various macrame knotting tutorials. In case you can’t make one, you can buy a beautiful patterned macrame online as it is affordable.

8. Brighten Up Your Wall Backlit Wall lights

Can lights be used to create a wall art design? Trust me, the lights are a great decor item that can be used to create super-cool wall art designs. Especially, when you have the backlit wall panels or the strip LEDs. The backlit wall panels are preferable as they have a greater quality. You can use lights to make unique patterns like geometrical shapes, curvy and wavy designs, etc.

These wall lights are fixed on the walls with spaces, so you don’t have to worry about these lights for maintenance. So, get these backlit wall panels and make your walls look great with the best wall art designs.

9. Transform Your Wall with Rugs

Are you looking for something traditional to add to your wall art design? Then why not consider the rugs for your walls?! These wall rugs are predominantly made of silk, which is a wonder material for home decor. Moreover, these wall rugs are known to absorb noise thereby making your living space more peaceful.

These wall rugs add more definition to your wall by the patterns on them. They convey a specific reminiscence which can be found in the paintings. I hope you have rugs for your floor, but do have one for your wall as well to enhance the attractiveness of the wall art designs!

10. Give Stars to Your Wall

I would give a five-star to those wall art designs that employ celestial bodies like stars on the walls of interior spaces. I can say that there is no one in the world who doesn’t love the stars. How about bringing the stars inside your house? This star wall art design will make you feel the stars and make you sleep tight. You can use stencils, wallpapers, decals, etc. to create the star and constellation wall art designs on your walls.

Your kids will enjoy these star wall art designs to the max when placed in their rooms. You can also use them to enhance the beauty of your living room, guest room, and other places where you feel it would be suitable.