How To Reach Nainital From Delhi | 7 Best Places In Nainital

If you are searching for how to reach Nainital from Delhi, congrats! You have come to the right place! Nainital is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and doesn’t take much time to reach here from Delhi.

If you are planning a trip to Nainital, make use of this article and get to know how to reach how to reach Nainital from Delhi by all modes of transport. Moreover, learn about the best places in Nainital that you can visit this summer!

How To Reach Nainital From Delhi By Road

Nainital is well-connected by road and is quite easy to access from Delhi. The total distance between Delhi and Nainital is about 320 km and takes about 6 hours to reach Nainital. The quickest way to reach Nainital is by taking the NH 9 road. So, here is the route details:

Route: Via NH 9 Delhi – Hapur – Moradabad – Bazpur – Kaladungi – Nainital

  • Route Name: Delhi-Nainital via Kaladungi
  • Duration: About 7 hours
  • Major Cities Covered: Delhi, Hapur, Moradabad, Bazpur, Kaladungi
  • NH in the Route: NH 9
  • Bus Details: You can find regular bus services available in Delhi that run to Nainital, like Fasttrack Travels, Lakshmi Holidays, and more.
  • Best Restaurants in this Route: Taj Hotel, Pikhuwa, Udupiwala Restaurant, Rajabpur.

How To Reach Nainital From Delhi Through Train

The nearest railway station to Nainital is Kathgodam railway station which is about 38 km away. It will take you about 1 hour to reach Nainital from this Kathgodam railway station. Three regular trains run from Delhi to Kathgodam every day. Here are the train details.

1. KGM SHTBDI EXP (12040)

  • Departure: 6:20 AM from New Delhi (NDLS)
  • Duration: 5 hours 20 minutes
  • Arrival: 11:40 AM at Kathgodam (KGM)
  • Frequency: Daily
  • Cost: Starting from ₹850

2. UTR SAMPRK KRTI (15035)

  • Departure: 4:00 PM from Delhi (DLI)
  • Duration: 6 hours 45 minutes
  • Arrival: 10:45 PM at Kathgodam (KGM)
  • Frequency: Daily
  • Cost: Starting from ₹120

3. RANIKHET EXP (15013)

  • Departure: 8:00 PM from Delhi Cantt (DEC)
  • Duration: 9 hours 5 minutes
  • Arrival: 5:05 AM at Kathgodam (KGM)
  • Frequency: Daily
  • Cost: Starting from ₹292

Click here to check current trains: Delhi to Nainital

How To Reach Nainital From Delhi By Air

How to reach Nainital from Delhi in the fastest way? By air! There are about two to three flights that fly to Nainital from Delhi. The nearest airport to Nainital is Pantnagar Airport located in Pantnagar, Tanda Range. You can choose the one that is cheap and as per your time convenience. The aerial distance between Delhi and Pantnagar is just 227 km and it won’t take more than an hour to reach Pantnagar Airport.

1. Alliance Air

  • Flight Number:9I 647
  • Departure Time: 09:10 AM from New Delhi
  • Arrival Time: 10:10 AM at Pantnagar
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost per Person: Starting from ₹2,647

2. IndiGo

  • Flight Number: 6E-7156
  • Departure Time: 08:20 AM from New Delhi
  • Arrival Time: 09:20 AM at Pantnagar
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost per Person: ₹7014 (on Friday, May 31)

3. IndiGo

  • Flight Number: 6E-7324
  • Departure Time: 11:10 AM from New Delhi
  • Arrival Time: 12:10 PM at Pantnagar
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Cost per Person: Starting from ₹7853 (on Friday, May 31)

To check the current flights and their prices, click here: Delhi to Nainital

Best Places In Nainital To Visit This Summer

1. Naini Lake

Location: Ayarpatta, Nainital.

Specialty: A crescent-shaped freshwater lake known for boating and stunning views.

How to Reach: Walking distance from Mall Road or by local rickshaw.

Things to Do:

  • Enjoy boating or yachting on the serene waters.
  • Stroll around the lake for picturesque views.
  • Visit the Naina Devi Temple nearby.
  • Relax at the lakeside and feed the ducks.
  • Try the local food at eateries along the lake.

Nearby Restaurants: Lakeside Inn, Zooby’s Kitchen.

Nearby Hotels: Hotel Himalaya, The Naini Retreat.

2. Tiffin Top (Dorothy’s Seat)

Location: Ayarpatta, Nainital.

Specialty: A hilltop offering panoramic views of Nainital.

How to Reach: 4 km trek from Mall Road or horse ride.

Things to Do:

  • Go to the top for the best trekking experience.
  • Go for a picnic with family or friends.
  • Experience horse riding up the hill.
  • Capture stunning photographs of the landscape.
  • Visit early morning for a serene sunrise view.

Nearby Restaurants: Sakley’s Restaurant & Pastry Shop.

Nearby Hotels: The Naini Retreat, Nainihills Homestay.

3. Eco Cave Gardens

Location: Sukhatal, Mallital, Nainital.

Specialty: A garden with natural caves shaped like animals.

How to Reach: 1 km from Mall Road, accessible by foot or taxi.

Things to Do:

  • Explore the different animal-shaped caves.
  • Enjoy the musical fountain show.
  • Relax in the hanging gardens.
  • Ideal for an educational trip for students.

Nearby Restaurants: Cafe LakeSide, Sher-e-Punjab.

Nearby Hotels: Hotel Himalaya, Lakeside Inn.

4. Snow View Point

Location: 7, Maldon Cottage Road, Mallital.

Specialty: Offers stunning views of snow-covered peaks.

How to Reach: Ropeway from Mallital or Trek.

Things to Do:

  • Enjoy the amazing views of the Himalayan range.
  • Enjoy the thrilling ropeway ride.
  • Visit the Tibetan Monastery located nearby.
  • Engage in photography capturing the snow-clad mountains.
  • Visit the amusement park for fun activities.

Nearby Restaurants: Giannis Pure Veg, Zooby’s Kitchen

Nearby Hotels: Snow View Heritage, Super OYO Flagship View Point Resort.

5. Mall Road

Location: Mall Rd, Nainital.

Specialty: The prime shopping, food, and cultural center of Nainital.

How to Reach: Easy to access as it is in the center of the city.

Things to Do:

  • Go shopping and buy souvenirs and local handicrafts.
  • Try out the local food at various eateries.
  • Enjoy evening walks and click photos.
  • Experience the social life and culture of Nainital.

Nearby Restaurants: Machan Restaurant, Giannis Pure Veg.

Nearby Hotels: Hotel Himalaya, Cygnett Resort Mountain Breeze.

6. Naina Devi Temple

Location: Near Flatts, On the edge of Nainital Lake in the Mallital Area.

Specialty: A sacred Shakti Peeth with deep religious significance.

How to Reach: 3 km from Nainital city bus stand, accessible by walk or rickshaw.

Things to Do:

  • Seek blessings at the revered temple.
  • Get involved in the temple aarti and ceremonies.
  • Get to know about the temple’s rich history.
  • Relax in the peaceful temple surroundings.
  • Attend festivals like Nanda Ashtami held here.

Nearby Restaurants: Sakley’s Restaurant & Pastry Shop, Giannis Pure Veg

Nearby Hotels: The Naini Retreat, AUM Hotel & Panchkarma Centre.

7. G B Pant High Altitude Zoo

Location: Ramsay Hospital Road, Nainital.

Specialty: A high-altitude zoo with a variety of species.

How to Reach: Taxi or local transport from the city center.

Things to Do:

  • Observe a wide range of Himalayan species.
  • Learn about wildlife conservation efforts.
  • Enjoy the natural setting of the zoo.
  • Ideal for a family outing with educational value.
  • Visit the nearby Eco Cave Gardens as a combined trip.

Nearby Restaurants: Zooby’s Kitchen, Cafe Lakeside.

Nearby Hotels: Hotel Himalaya, The Naini Retreat.

1. Can we go Nainital by train?

As there is no railway station in Nainital, you can’t go to Nainital by train. Instead, you can arrive at Kathgodam Railway Station which is the nearest station to Nainital, and then reach Nainital by car, bus, etc.

2. What are the best times to visit Nainital to avoid heavy tourist crowds?

To avoid heavy tourist crowds, it’s advisable to plan your visit to Nainital during the off-peak seasons. Typically, the months of February to April and September to November witness fewer tourists compared to the peak summer and winter seasons.

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