Top 8 Fantastic Living Room Designs with TV Units

Television screens are very famous and present in every house. However, unfortunately, many house owners do not know how to place it in a suitable place. As a result, they fail to impress guests with their sense of design. Today, we will share different ideas of Living Room Designs with TV.

The best suggestion to make your interior fabulous is to place the TV in the living room. In this way, it becomes a focal point, and everything such as decoration pieces, coaches, and tables settle around it for creating more fancy.

Are you unaware of versatile living room ideas having television units? For this purpose, we have explored a list of the top 8 elegant styles for setting the TV screen in the living room.

So let us get started!

  • Cabinetry Style 

For endeavouring a classic look in your living room, make a sleek cabinet on which you can put your LED. Make sure the TV set is in the middle of the room. Then, in some boxes, keep your favourite books. Furthermore, you can manufacture a shelf with cabinets to place your other tech gadgets. This is one of the the best Living Room Designs with TV

In addition, select the colour scheme of living room walls and cabinets very intelligently. For example, if the wall colour is brown, you can make the cupboard cream. The combination of black and grey also looks aesthetic. Moreover, you can utilize LED strip lighting around cabinets to present a stunning wall accent.

  • Hang TV on Wall 

If your living room design is small and has not had enough space for cabinet style, you can choose a hanging design for TV. First of all, purchase a slim TV like LED or LCD. Then hang it on the wall having a plain paint colour such as white or cream.

The next step to adorn the living style with a hanging TV unit is to use any artwork on the adjacent wall. It does not matter that you are adopting a minimalist style. This wall art will give a unique and stylish look to the guests. Furthermore, the monochrome design also works very well with wall hanging TV. This Living Room Designs with TV fits for rooms with less area.

  • Blending of TV with Background 

Sometimes, television placement spoils the overall fascination of a living room. For solving this query, you need to blend this object with the background of the wall. For example, put colourful panels on the wall, such as brown or white. Then put the TV on the wall panelling.

After framing the screen, the next step is beautifying the living room with other accessories such as aesthetic posters or painting on a wall without panelling. However, do not ever disturb the room’s overall look with LED or decoration pieces. Could you keep it simple as much as you can?

  • Make it Focus Point for the Whole Family

Undoubtedly, every person is essential in the family without any age limit. As a result, the living room style is made so that each family member can participate in the discussion; Further, if a family wants to watch TV, it is comfortable to see for every family member. Therefore, make television is a focal point of entertainment for the family.

Moreover, create a welcoming scene for guests in front of the living room. Alongside, TV on the front will also endeavour a pleasuring viewing experience for your guests. However, we suggest that do not compromise on the TV. It must be suitable for the size of the living room.

  • Freestanding Stand for TV 

It is a general fact that the living room functions are very vast. Sometimes, it uses for entertainment by watching movies on the TV. On the other hand, guests are dining in there. As a result, you must be ready to prepare a proper plan for the drawing-room setting.

For accomplishing this purpose successfully, select a freestanding stand for your TV, especially if you want to put it in a premium place. Alongside it, select slimline furniture for this room. In this way, it will look spacious and beautiful.

  • Hidden Wires Living Room 

In this technological world, many inventions such as Wi-Fi, LEDs, and LCDs have existed. For their connection, a group of wires is required. In the living room, these bare wires ruin the beauty of the living room. Therefore, it must be hidden.

For instance, first of all, you have to fix the TV in the living room. For this purpose, you have to fit their walls behind the fitting. Moreover, you can set cupboards or shelves around the TV cabinet. Then, hide wires to their backside.

  • Change TV into a Piece of Art 

Most people are worried because they do have not enough money to purchase a different piece of art for their living rooms. For convenience, a lot of interior designers have combined art and TV frame into one thing. 

When you adopt this design, you have to fit a big screen on the wall. After this step, cover sides with some wood panels in brown, white, or black colours to show as a piece of art. If you put a couch in front of the TV, it will be more suitable.

  • Full Painted Room 

To present an immersive experience to the cabinetry, coaches, and TV, uniqueness in colours is crucial. This design is similar to the cabinetry style. However, in this design, you have to choose a specific paint colour that will apply to all walls and furniture.

For instance, the walls of the living room are in sky-blue colour. Then, put the coaches of this colour too. Besides, the table in the centre of the room should be a sky blue colour. Next, place the TV on the same colour cabinet. After this colour scheme’s uniqueness, you will feel the natural beauty of your living room.

Summing Up 

In conclusion, several settings exist that dare to impress yourself and your guests with your sense of style. You can adopt anyone that is your favourite.

However, you must be careful about your budget. Choose a design that will be set in your budget. Otherwise, you can fail in the interior design of your living room with a television screen.

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