10 Mind-Blowing DIY Shoe Rack Ideas to Try at Home

Shoe racks can be an essential solution to keep the home organized, neat, and tidy. The greatest challenge that shoe owners face is the difficulty of organizing shoes in an efficient manner.  

The problem is heightened by the fact that shoes come in different styles (e.g., flats, high heels, boots, wedges, etc.), colors, sizes (women’s footwear are categorically notorious for this). 

 No wonder it is very difficult to set up and maximize the place utilized by your shoes. For this, shoe racks are the only way to save more space.  

When you need to be more creative with designing a shoe rack, you might come across numerous thoughts in your mind. In this article, we will talk about some ideas to look at about intriguing shoe rack DIY ideas to be implemented right away.  

We have picked nine such DIY footwear rack ideas that will assist in maintaining decor and putting your footgear in fashion! 


Old Ladder Turned Shoe Rack



A simple and efficient way to keep your footwear is by repurposing an old ladder as a shelving unit. This is an excellent idea if your doorway doesn’t have sufficient room for a giant shelf. You can complete it perfectly by painting it in any color you want or matching it with the entryway theme. Decorating it with a little bit of greenery at the sides is another option to give a farmhouse decor glimpse.  

Craft a Shoe Rack Out of an Old Bookcase

It doesn’t matter how many books you own if you still have an old and worn-out bookcase lying in store for no use, it might be the time to use it to store your shoes. If you prefer, you can sure style it in your garage or even in your storage room. Nevertheless, this is one of the simplest methods to keep your shoes tidy and accessible when you need them.


Think a Built-In Bench for Shoe Storage 


If you have extra room in your foyer, consider building a built-in bench that doubles as a shoe and accessory storage space. You can even add a seat to the bench’s top to create it even more comfy and pleasant nook for sitting.


Turn Old Bookshelves into the Ideal for Heels.


Consider repurposing old bookshelves for your heels, sandals, and pumps if you no longer need one. Use it this way and you will be amazed to see how well does it unclutter your place. A fantastic way to store all of your high heels in one spot and put them all in order is with this footwear storage solution for any area of your apartment.

Build Storage for Shoes Under the Stairs



If you’re still tossing storing stuff beneath your stairwell, it’s time to switch to using it as a shoe storage area. This shoe rack is a great solution to common trouble. The storage shelves beneath your stairwell might provide a nice area to stow all of your family’s footwear. In addition to making your home more ordered, this endeavor will also lend a rustic feel to your interior design. If you have empty baskets lying around, you may use them to make racks for this DIY idea.

Repurposed Old Drawers into a Shoe Rack

 With this clever shoe storage solution, you’ll be able to manage all of your shoes from around the house, order them, and keep them hidden from sight. For those who have a bundle of decent pairs of shoes, this is the greatest way to maintain them out of the way while yet being able to access them quickly.

 Gather Up the Crates for a Playful Look 


If you are scrutinizing for something creative and fun that would let you place all your footwear in one easy-to-access zone, then it is definitely worth trying this crate shoe DIY rack plan. You can purchase these wood crates at any craft shop or maybe you already have a couple of them at home. Gather them up and put them together in a shape of a square or rectangle or any other shape that you like. Then, just paint them funky colors to bring the brighter gaze. 

Footwear Storage Under the Bed



Under-bed storage boxes are another wonderful option for anyone who wants to put their spendy shoes in order. Take a few of the crates from the storeroom and tuck them beneath the mattress. For an added marvel, try painting them in various shades of the same color. Shoes can also be stored under under-bed rails. When you do have not a little space for shoes to be stored, this will allow you to keep all of your shoes in one place!


Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer in Closet


Let’s face it: closets are challenging to organize for most of us. This is exceptionally true when you’re skimming for a free zone to keep shoes without doing damage to them. A simple over-the-door rack is an ideal way to uphold your favorite shoe pairs in order without fretting about creases or further damages. 

Highly Functional Wall-Mounted Racks


This shoe storing idea is just splendid for extra small spaces and works great as hallway boots storage solutions. They’re also super effortless to lodge and you can construct your own using wood slats and leather straps or copper piping.



It’s Your Turn

 When you have a lot of things you want to hold onto in your home, it can be difficult to keep everything in order. It might be difficult to find a spot for your shoes, but if you think imaginatively, you’ll uncover many solutions for this. A well-designed shoe rack will help you stay on track by reducing the amount of clutter in your home. These excellent shoe rack ideas are excellent if you’re seeking answers to arrange your footwear. All of the above-mentioned ideas are easy to follow and try while hardly touching your pocket.  So, it’s up to you, choose one and try it now. 

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