17 Living Room Ideas for You

Getting your home designed by the top designers is a fanciful idea. However, have you ever wondered who plans the homes of top designers? To no surprise, these designers themselves turn their spaces luxurious and beautiful. Applying the most updated design techniques and Home Décor design Ideas makes their places stand out of the box and amusing. Let’s have a sneak peek at their homes and working spaces. You will be thrilled to entertain yourselves with top simple room interior design ideas for living room without paying for them. So, without further ado, let’s peek into their opulent spaces!

Idea # 1: 

All the designers’ living and working spaces are remarkably sumptuous. However, the house that tops most of the beautiful homes of top designers is Rose Tarlow’s house. She blends the top design ideas of all ages in her living room to portray that art of designing never dies. She mixed designing techniques of the 11th, 17th, and 18th centuries to give her room an antique and old texture. The ceiling is dark brownish wood, while the walls have built-in bookshelves. The floor, being wooden, pairs up perfectly with the tiny doors. 

Idea # 2: 

Tribeca Loft, Location: New York NY, Architect: Andrew Franz Architect

Nate Berkus’ home in Montauk is cozy and breezy. The design ideas gives off a comfy texture with a beige and brown. The sofas/furniture ideas make a perfect combination with beautiful greenery outside peering inside through a glassy window.  It would help if you considered his Decorating design Ideas while decorating your living room.

Idea # 3: 

Mandy Graham is an absolute aesthete. She carved then best simple room interior design ideas for living Room with classics of white and beige colors. The house is well air-conditioned, and the furniture ideas is neatly crafted. It’s an absolute admiration for architecture and living room. It is the best simple room interior design for the decency of your living room.

Idea # 4: 

Anouska Hempel, an aesthete, and decent designer, designed her bedroom sumptuously. The beige color and woody Design Inspiration give the scent of dark academia. A small window opens into a green garden to refresh a person’s mood. What makes the room more beautiful is the combination of white and beige color in the whole room. Both colors can be seen covering walls, side tables, and two small yet antique and luxurious chairs. Keep this room in your mind while planning your’s if you want a misty, aesthetic, and cozy one.

Idea # 5: 

The 5th interior design ideas for living room is Justina Blakeney’s living room is a heavenly-colored space. It’s a blend of all bright and vibrant colors that lit up your mood. It is adorned with a small table surrounded by colorful tables. The sofa cushions are from Calicos, and the Rugs for Living Room are from The Jungalow. It is the best idea for you if you like funky living rooms.

Idea # 6: 

The architectural and modern house of architect Madeleine Blanchfield is no less than an amusement. Her living room is designed with glass, wood, and sleek furniture ideas to give her home a modern yet jaw-dropping outlook. Madeleine’s living room is up-to-date and the best idea for your living room.

Idea # 7: 

Jonathan Adler’s home accurately represents a windy, colorful and decent house. Being a 21st-century designer, Jonathan shaped his house modernly. The navy blue and white colors combination in his living room lit up the design of the house. You can consider these interior designing ideas for living room while designing.

Idea # 8: 

Kelly Wearstler has the perfect family room. The wooden design on the front wall pairs up nicely with her modern table. The table is decorated with beautiful pots and showpieces. Her wooden flooring ideas give the best brownish color. It is the best living room idea for aesthetes. Always consult with professionals for best furniture ideas.

Idea # 9: 

Jeremiah Brent’s living room has an essence of modern, neat, and brownish design. It is warm, cozy, and well-spaced. The white painted walls will light up the brownish texture of three small-sized tables. The curvy tables come up cute with small pots. You can keep your living room minimal and vibrant by following his living room design.

Idea # 10: 

Emily Henderson crafts the best green space for her living room. She sets up a small table with a black sleek single sofa near a glassy window to create a beachy outlook. If you live in a hot area, it is the best idea for your living room.

Idea # 11: 

The great Italian designer Ettore Sottsass was known for his unique, vibrant designs and best interior designing ideas for living room. His living was decorated with bright colors and minimal designs of furniture. The Memphis living room stands colorful and astonishing with a plane, dulled mirror, and sofas.

Idea # 12: 

Peter Som’s white and beige living room crafts a comfortable space. The white windows with beige lamps look perfectly well. It is well conditioned and perfectly lighted. 

Idea # 13: 

David Kleinberg crafted his living room with two single white and beige sofas. They suit the best with one large sofa. The black and white-lined paintings adorn the wall and serve the best with dark brownish cabinets. The sleek tables look remarkable with sofas. 

Idea # 14: 

Alexa Hampton has a vintage-toned living room. The antique frames and red sofa look beautiful and wealthy. The luxurious room looks decent with the thin glassy windows. 

Idea # 15: 

Diane Von’s living room is fancy and heart-warming. It looks aesthetically pleasing with a Moroccan design. The best thing in this living room is a beautiful pair of crafted wooden lamps or gallery wall with oil paintings on canvas .

Idea # 16: 

Peter Copping’s adorned his vibrant room with a small bed and ancient design. The painting on one wall pairs up with the cover of sofas. With the vintage door and pinkish paint, everything goes well with each other.

Idea # 17: 

Kelly Hoppen decorated the living room with beige color. Every single component of the living room shades with beige-ness. The sleek lighting hung through the roof looks amusing. It is the best modern living room one could think of having.


These interior designing ideas for living room of top designers given above are a free guide to decorate your rooms in the best ways. You can follow their color patterns and furniture designs to get yourself a cozy, comfy, and classic living room.

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