Green Improvement: Easy Ways to Create a Vertical Garden Wall Inside Your Home

Patrick Blanc is the French botanist who firstly introduce this type of garden in society and enhance the awareness of the easy gardening. He gifted this idea to community in the 1980s.

All You Need to Know About Vertical GardenAfter this, Gardening expert Swazi said that she has also got his first garden in Bangle then she changed it into her house garden. People are not well aware of the vertical gardening. It is useful for those who have short spaces and have not much time to walk in the full garden. This idea is really a great renovation in itself. It also enhances the beauty of the interior decor design of the homes. It is refreshing and natural. You can easily use all these tricks to create your own vertical garden. You just have to keep care of your one wall. Here are some types of the vertical garden is given below. You can use any idea of them and renovate your wall.
Flowerpot Hanging wall
This type of wall will include a grid that will hang the flowerpots in a row. You can use different color combinations; it will also increase the beauty of your home as well. It will have many handles, every handle will hang one pot, and then you can place your plant in pods. When these flowerpots will grow flowers, they will be of different colors and make a beautiful scenery. By using this idea, you don’t need any free place. You just have to find a free wall in your house and put flowerpots on it. One thing you should take care is to find wall where sun can reach.

Self-made Frames
You can make card frames or of any other material. You can also make it yourself by some waste in your house. Then paint these frame with colors and hang them on wall. You can put your flowerpots between the spaces in the frame. This is a beautiful idea that will increase the beauty and looks of your house design. You have not to invest much in this instead of some hard work of being creative.
Green walls
These are modern type vertical garden. People who want great interior decor design in their homes use this idea to create a full green wall. It can be along the pool. It is very fascinating to see and have great interior design in itself. This will give a natural vibe to the house also and can be artificial also. If you don’t want to look after your garden, then you can use the idea of the artificial green wall. You don’t need any watering and care for this. This is most easy and beautiful way to have a interior design and decoration look in your house.
Tips to take care of vertical garden

11 Herbs for Hanging Baskets: Best List for Your Home GardenHere are some quick tips to take care your vertical garden. If you want a vertical garden, then you should follow these tips carefully. These are the most important one among all.
Execute right plan
You should see what you have planned and what you are achieving day by day. You should see the changing and improvement in your garden daily. You should see that the plan you have planned for this is implicating well.
Check Regularly
You should check your garden regularly and maintain its requirements. If you require a well-established garden, then taking care regularly is necessary because it will not grow itself you will have to take care of it. Everything requires good care and greenery need it extra. If you have love of greenery than it will not difficult to take care of it regularly.
Save from drought

We know plants require water to grow. Water is essential because they cannot survive without water. If you do not water them well then they will definitely go through drought and will not grow as it should grow. Water is an essential nutrient for plant, if you will not give to them then there is no chance to grow up. You should water them regularly to save them from drought and take great care of them otherwise they will no greener.
Save the wall
At the last, you should also take care of your wall. Over watering can damage your wall. You should water the plants at their required rate otherwise the wall will become weak, and your setup can also be disturbed by this. You should maintain the plants and wall as well to grow your garden properly.

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