The 9 Best Places To Visit In Ernakulam

Experience the ancient history and vibrant culture of Ernakulam, the commercial hub of Kerala. Once a crucial part of India’s spice route, this city was known as the spice capital of the world. Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of God’s own country, Kerala, as you explore Ernakulam. Don’t miss out on this incredible destination when visiting Kerala – we’ve compiled a list of top tourist spots in Ernakulam for your convenience.

Best Places To Visit In Ernakulam

1. Island of Vypeen | Best Places To Visit In Ernakulam

The Ernakulam tourist destination Vypeen Isfland stands out because of its serene coastline, enthralling backwaters, and cosy beachfront restaurants. You can take a short ferry ride to reach this island, which is close to Kochi city. The island is a 360-degree panoramic beauty that is well worth taking pictures of.

2. Kochi, Marine Drive | Best Places To Visit In Ernakulam

There are many places to visit in Ernakulam, but Marine Drive is one of the best. With its stunning views of the backwaters and Kochi harbour, it attracts a lot of locals as well as tourists. You can enjoy an evening stroll on the walkway and indulge in authentic cuisine in the nearby restaurants. There are several boat jetties on the walkway.

A memorable experience at Marine Drive is seeing the Rainbow Bridge at night. Numerous lights illuminate the bridge. You can spend quality time together gazing at the bridge studded with lights that look like twinkling stars. Our Kerala honeymoon package includes a visit to Marine Drive.

3. Museum of Folklore | Best Places To Visit In Ernakulam

For history buffs and art admirers alike, this architectural treasure house is a must-see. The Folklore Museum is a popular tourist destination in Ernakulam. Its highlights include ancient artefacts, Malabar-inspired museum design, and cultural exhibitions. Open from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, it is a popular tourist spot.

The Folklore Museum is one of Kerala’s top tourist attractions due to its antique designs and architecture, which include ancient sculptures, tribal art, jewellery, and old artefacts.

4. Kochi Fort | Best Places To Visit In Ernakulam

In Ernakulam, Fort Kochi is the first European township in India. The city has many Portuguese and Dutch architectures that demonstrate its rich history. It feels like you have stepped back in time. There are many landmarks here that tourists visit, including Vasco House, the oldest Portuguese building, and the famous Chinese nets.

It is one of Ernakulam’s famous tourist destinations due to its cultural diversity and many sightseeing spots. You can find several stalls that serve mouth-watering Kerala cuisines and have a great time with family and friends.

5. Sanctuary for birds at Thattekkad | Best Places To Visit In Ernakulam

In Ernakulam, there are many beautiful tourist destinations, including Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary. This bird sanctuary is a heaven for nature lovers and those who wish to observe migratory bird species in the wild. In addition to having rosewood, teak, and rubber trees, the Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary is surrounded by dense forest. You can take a one-day bird-watching tour to the bird sanctuary. Many of the tourist attractions in Ernakulam are awe-striking and worth your time.

6. Beach of Cherai | Best Places To Visit In Ernakulam

A famous beach in Ernakulam, Cherai Beach, is famous for its golden sand and rugged beauty. It is known as ‘The princess of the Arabian Sea’ and covers an area of 18 km. It is one of the finest places to visit in Ernakulam. Upon reaching Cherai Beach, you will be captivated by the magical view of coconut groves and paddy fields.

In Ernakulam, Cherai Beach is one of the quietest and most beautiful places to relax and lounge away from the hustle of city life. Fitness enthusiasts enjoy jogging and walking along the beachside. Take a trip to this beach to enjoy a breathtaking sunset and cool ocean waves. Take a leisure day to enjoy sunbathing and rejuvenate.

7. Road MG | Best Places To Visit In Ernakulam

Shopping is an essential part of any trip, so we had to include this place on our Ernakulam must-visit tourist places list. Mahatma Gandhi Road is a shopaholic’s paradise. You can find branded clothing stores, jewellery huts, and eateries serving some great cuisines. The vibrant atmosphere of this place attracts young people and couples. It is a great tourist destination for the shopaholic in Ernakulam.

8. Waterfalls at Athirappilly | Best Places To Visit In Ernakulam

The Athirappilly Water Falls, situated 65 km from Ernakulam, is the largest waterfall in Kerala. Flowing from Anamudi Mountain in the Western Ghat, it is a must-see destination and ranks among the top places to visit in Kerala. The awe-inspiring sight of this waterfall cascading down the mountainside offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should not be overlooked. Various theme parks and lavish resorts are available in this area for accommodation. Whether you’re with your significant other, friends, or family, this is the perfect spot to explore during your trip to Ernakulam.

9. Caves of Kochareekkal | Best Places To Visit In Ernakulam

As one of Ernakulam’s hidden tourist attractions, Kochareekkal Caves is a large cave hidden beneath the roots of an old tree. While it sounds fascinating, this offbeat location offers a serene atmosphere that is ideal for escaping the city hustle and bustle. A cave, fountain, and pond in the lap of nature is all you need for a rejuvenating experience. This location is unexplored, so you can enjoy some quiet time with your family.


Ernakulam, a city steeped in ancient history and vibrant culture, unfolds as a captivating destination in God’s own country, Kerala. Formerly known as the spice capital of the world, it boasts a rich heritage and natural wonders. From the serene Vypeen Island to the historical Fort Kochi, the enchanting Marine Drive to the cultural Museum of Folklore, Ernakulam weaves a tapestry of diverse experiences. Nature enthusiasts can explore the bird sanctuary at Thattekkad, while beach lovers can bask in the beauty of Cherai Beach. Shopaholics find delight on MG Road, and adventure seekers can marvel at the grandeur of Athirappilly Water Falls. For those seeking tranquility, the hidden Kochareekkal Caves offer a serene retreat. Ernakulam, with its blend of history, nature, and vibrant life, stands as an unmissable gem in the heart of Kerala.