Top Wood Flooring Trends That You Will Love

Wood flooring is made from a huge range of wood species and uses a range of strains, finishes, and pigments, to make one of a kind look and feel. Depending on the types of floors, Flooring design ranges from smooth new cut to premium woods to an original texture reclaimed product and there’s something available that’ll fit just about each design style.

All of the wood floors have their distinct look and color schemes that’ll add character and warmth to your next remodel project. Check out these 6 Trendy wood flooring design ideas to incorporate a hardwood floor into your home remodel.

Dark Hardwoods

There’s a move toward light hardwood floor design in 2022, dark hardwood floors are still extremely popular everywhere. The dark wood goes well with most decorations but is preferred in rustic and conventional schemes such as the modern farmhouse touch.

Another increasingly popular flooring design is bamboo flooring with its different textures. The trick is to create a dark floor with the accent in its place of the center point. Décor in such a way that your eyes are down toward the furniture and walls instead of the flooring!

Timeless Design with Antique Oak

Antique oak is not your common oak wood floor. The white and red oak woods are reclaimed from decades-old barns and buildings and they bear the character and patina to provide it. The wood planks are removed from the interior of reclaimed woods making them eco-friendly options than newly cut woods pieces.

This wood floor is full of character from its previous use and has a plain sanded surface. If subdued reclaimed wood flooring is what you’re looking for, then seem no further than this timeless reclaimed wood.

Rustic Texture Flooring

Rustic wood floors have a lot of allure. They call to mind natural textures and surfaces, which in turn have a calming feel on the viewer on different types of floors. Rustic floors can be styled in several ways. The wood floors might be brushed to bring out their wood texture, or they might be made of reclaimed timber that has had one more life before being put into use as a wood floor.

Every rustic texture, though, can add a lot of depth to space. They work well in cottages, lodges, farmhouses, and any house where a natural appearance and vibe are desired.

Multi-Colored Hardwood

As there are different types of floors. Similarly, many hardwoods types have a few variations of the color plank to plank, but the variation is often soft and has more to do with a grain pattern than the shade of the timber plans. By using varied wood or using wood blends, you can get a lot more interest from your wood floor during flooring design process.

By using varied wood or using blend wood for different types of floors, you can get much more interest from any flooring. The floor ranges from your rich brown to pale cream, and it has a big depth because of it.

Add Elegance with Antique Elm

Antique Elm is a durable hardwood that doesn’t come to mind for homeowners looking for the ideal hardwood. That is what makes it such a unique option. This light shade wood features a recognizable touch and a long straight grain to make a distinct feel that’s all it’s own.

Antique elm is an enduring hardwood floor for that conventional trend. The light design showcases delicate reminders of its reclaimed long-ago while keeping up a premium appearance.

Fumed Wood Flooring

Fuming is a procedure of coloring wood by putting it in a vat and hitting it with ammonia feel to bring natural stains or tannins to the wood surface. The more tannin that comes in touch with the ammonia vapor, the dark the wood will be.

This method will be shadows and hues to whatever wood is treated that can’t be duplicated by other ways. In this type of flooring design no 2 pieces of wood treated in this method will seem similar.


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