10 Trending Entryway Accent wall ideas

Place your bet on an Accent wall entryway to elevate your house design. It will personalize the space while adding originality and creativity.

And you can easily incorporate this style of décor into each of your home’s or apartment’s rooms. We urge you to explore 10 entryway accent wall ideas for the living room, kitchen, dining room, corridor, etc. Don’t hesitate because this practice has recently become quite popular.

Accent walls entryway is the newest style in wall design and can be incorporated into any space to add a unique touch. Improve one of your walls by painting it or by putting other ornamental items, such as a painting, on it. You must first decide the wall you want to highlight. This is usually the one to which you should pay close attention. Next, pick a color that will stand out against the room’s other walls. One bedroom decorating advice is to draw attention to the wall behind the headboard.

Design guidelines

Only one entryway accent wall should be present. It might also be the corner of two entryway walls, but not both. Remember, we only need an accent – and it loses its effectiveness if there is too much of it.

Use the 60:30:10 guideline to keep the background and accent proportions correct. That example, 60% of your decor should be done in relaxing colours, 30% can be accent colours, and 10% can be an additional yet linking shade.

The challenge determines which wall to highlight. If this is merely a “chip” of the inside, it makes more sense to highlight the most visible wall, which is the one opposite the entry.

When it comes to zoning, it all comes down to the placement of the furniture and the overall functions of the interior. You should work with troublesome entryway accent walls to enlarge or narrow the room.

Make the interior become a museum of interesting ideas and discoveries. Everything should be done with caution.

  1. Paint

Painting a contrasting colour on an entryway wall is one of the simplest and most common ways to draw attention to it. However, the wall does not have to be painted in a single colour. Painted surfaces are visually appealing. The plot, like the execution, can be anything. However, it is critical not to overcrowd the wall with details.

  1. Wallpaper Entry wall.

As an entryway wall accent, you can use wallpaper or photo wallpaper. The most important thing is to choose the proper pattern so that it blends in with the rest of the decor.

  1. Wood

Boards, especially those battered by time, look great in the interior. However, it is critical that the other materials utilized in this room complement them.

It is not required to choose the full wall in this scenario. Small visible areas are sometimes sufficient.

  1. Stone

It is sometimes vital to focus on the entryway accent wall for reasons other than aesthetics. For example, if you have a fireplace or stove, stone can help. This allows you to comply with safety standards while also drawing attention to the hearth.

  1. Plastering

Plaster can be used to add a decorative touch. Make a three-dimensional drawing, for example. However, you must exercise extreme caution here and select light, subtle stories that are compatible with the overall theme of the room. Otherwise, the accent wall entryway can become overly dazzling – and this is more about the whole feeling than the colour.

  1. Phytowall

Phytowalls, also known as phytopanno. They have a vintage appearance but require upkeep. Of course, these are specially chosen plants in specially designed containers with specially picked filler! Nonetheless, you must keep the appearance in its original state. Water occasionally, and if required, remove surplus plants and establish new ones.

Phyto pictures are essentially the same panels or green walls as before but with a different story concept. That is, the majority of them have a plot. This, however, is optional. By the way, anything related to phyto design in the interior can be both a terrific find for home decor and a favorite interest. Even though the summer season is short, you want to create and nurture all year. As a result, phytowalls, panels, and paintings can serve as a real outlet.

  1. A chalkboard wall

This is an audacious decision. Such a wall will undoubtedly be dark. But what type of beauty you express on it and how frequently these drawing changes are all up to you. You can write notes, a shopping list, or a day plan on it for individuals who are very forgetful.

You can create such an entryway wall with special paint or by purchasing self-adhesive mats.

  1. Macrame

Macrame is back in style, and it may also be used to add an accent wall entryway. Handmade masters are currently doing excellent work. They could vary in terms of hue and size.

  1. Carpets 

This isn’t about the carpets that were previously hanging on the walls. This is a fresh take on an old concept, in which the carpet serves as an accent in conjunction with other design elements.

  1. Objects from the home

Even in a small kitchen, an accent wall may be organized: simply use one to hold utensils. Of course, not everything can be hung as a decoration.

You should keep in mind that an accent wall entryway might draw attention to a decorative or architectural feature or a piece of furniture.

It is a decorative piece that ought to fit in well with the space in which it is placed. You have a lot of alternatives if you want to add an Accent wall entryway to your design!

We sincerely hope that the few suggestions in this post have inspired you and will motivate you to put them into practice so you may turn a drab room into a vibrant, appealing area!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help completing a project or simply decorating a space in your house. It will be our pleasure to assist you in designing a space that is ideal for you.