Living Room interior design and Furniture Ideas

The living room is the area of our laughter, gathering, and gossiping. And it’s furniture ideas gives first impression of the house owner’s taste. Like when the guest enters the house. They will not enter the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom. They will enter the living room. That is the reason we have decide to post an article on living room decor ideas. So, the main focus should not be eye-catching furniture ideas due to decorating. But also comfort level is important. Because mostly people spend their time in the living room. The living room’s primary essentials are seating means sofa, tablet, Stand, lighting, decor. We will discuss primary essentials of how to decorate furniture design room.

  1. Sofa: The heart of living room

Choosing a Sofa for living room is the most important thing. It is not a decision to make it carelessly. Before the color, design and trend in your mind for sofa. You must keep in mind the space of your furniture design room. After measuring the space, you can decide the sofa size. Then choose the color, design according to your taste, budget, and your requirement.

  • Sofa Stuff to choose

Sofa comes in a variety of stuff. You have to choose according to your choice and priority. If you have kids or pets and they are prone to spills all around. Then consider a slipcovered sofa. Which is easy to wash. Otherwise, the cotton velvet option is also available. Also, plan your budget before everything.

  • Sofa orientation

So, keep in mind where will you put the sofa. Against the wall or in the center where its back will be exposed. Sofa Arms and its design.

  • Sofa cushions and comfort level

The best living room design for sofa are cushions. Now cushion filling with foam and feather is the best choice. It’s also cheap. Sofa cushions come in different sizes, colors, style you have to choose according to your taste.

  • Seat depth standard 

Before buying a sofa, you have to check the seat depth of your choice and comfort level.

  • Sofa style and color

It depends on your taste, trend and priorities but also the color of the wall decor of the living room.

  1. Coffee table

The best idea for decorate living room first thing is sofa and second most important is coffee table. Because without it you cannot decorate the room properly. You can place the drinks, magazine, and remote control on it. Also, it’s the epicenter for chat and conversation.

  • Coffee table size

A coffee table should be proportional in size to the sofa. It must be half the size of the sofa. And the height needs to be same as a sofa seat.

  • The shape of coffee tables

There is a variety of coffee tables for decoration idea you can check oval, rectangular, round, square shapes.

  • Coffee table material

So before buying a coffee table you have lots of options. But the important thing is your budget. Famously used material is glass marble, brass, wood.

  1. Media stand: A Support for TV

other living room decor ideas are choosing media accessories. We all know that entertainment is a huge part of our life. Now a day’s watching NETFLIX is a kind of fashion. Then you also need a Media stand for the TV. The best decorating idea is to choose media stand not only fulfill the need for support of TV. But also look attractive.

If possible, prefer a multifunctional Media stand. It can hold the TV. Also has a rack for books and space for decorations items. Not only will it provide support for TV. But it will increase the overall look of the living room.

  1. Side Tables: They are for the serviceable purpose 

Side tables are great for holding lamps and remote controls. it plays and important role in the process to decorate living room People mostly put a side table in the bedroom. Where they serve as a place for the book, watch, remote, keys, etc. Side tables are a salient support system in the living room. The best decorating idea is to put any   artwork or picture frame on side tables

  1. Provide Grace to your living room with Accent chairs

You need an accent chair also decorating idea. Because it will balance the spacing and provide extra seating. When placed next to the sofa will help to create a cozy corner and place for chitchat with your guests and also family members.

  • Does the accent chair want to match? 

So, it’s a matter of choice. But if they have separately paced in the living room design there is no need to match. For the idea of decoration if they are side by side, they should be of the same color.

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