Adding Feng Shui to Office Space- The Ultimate Guide

Understanding Feng Shui

Feng shui was a long-standing Chinese science, where Feng translates to “wind” and Shui means “water.” The clean and peaceful wind is associated with good harvest wellbeing, health, livelihood, and prosperity. When the energy within your Home Décor Ideas is in balance, your home will help you and create a harmonious space.

Many of us spend a large part of our day in our workstations, either in a workplace at home or in a cubicle. Your Office Interior Design is laid out will have a significant impact on your productivity, either aiding you in staying focused and focused or offering interruptions and distractions. Implementing the Feng Shui principles in your workplace is one method to create a peaceful, productive, and efficient working environment and boost your energy that will carry over to the rest of your day also.

Organizing using Feng Shui

One of the central tenets of Feng shui is to create happiness. One of the simplest ways to achieve this is to eliminate clutter in the Office Interior ideas. The concept is that getting rid of clutter can bring vital energy, which can help improve focus and concentration. In general, 50% of your desk needs to be cleaned. It is essential to get to work with an organized desk before you arrive at work and be able to leave with your desk clean after your day. Managing your office correctly and efficiently can save you avoid needing to organize it all again in the next couple of months.

Feng Shui Desk Position

It’s easy to think that the placement of your desk could make an impact. However, according to Feng Shui, your chair must be looking at the door. This is known as being in an imposing or commanding position. It is a signification of the ability to spot opportunities when it is presented to you through your career.

Change the position of the Desk to the work of Power

You’d like to control the flow of your room. You’ll put your desk where you can see all who comes in. This is a position that gives you authority and allows you to control your surroundings. If you have important business meetings in your office and want to impress colleagues, clients, and even your boss, ensure that you use the North part of your office when you hold meetings. 

Kua: Your Best Working Position

Once you have your personal Kua, take advantage of your most productive working orientation. Even without knowing it, you can take charge of your workspace by putting your desk diagonally in front of the door. You can further enhance your desk’s position by fixing one side of your desk against the wall.

Feng Shui Tips for Large Offices

The majority of large offices comprise outside cubicles, offices, and particular rooms or task areas. Feng Shui office Decorating Ideas that are beneficial look at the various activities in each space or room. Use some office suggestions for each room that include:

Open cubicle

Cubicle Design Inspiration offices present particular Feng shui issues, including fixed desks, other furniture pieces, and being seated with your back towards the entrance of your cubicle. Feng shui provides solutions like keeping a mirror to see who is coming behind you.

Outer offices

Large offices, particularly high-rise ones, usually feature windows along the exterior wall. While it is tempting to have your back towards the windows, you’ll lack the support you need for your work. Your desk should be placed so that a solid wall behind your desk surrounds you. Use a Feng Shui office layout to boost your chi energy and the best career prospects.

Feng Shui Office Colors

Color is a significant factor. Do not limit yourself to specific colors that correspond to the directions of Feng Shui. Colors cannot stimulate the chi energy. If you prefer using colors based on recommendation, you can, but it will not harm the Feng shui in your office modern interior design  even if you don’t narrow the choices of colors.

Outside Office Entrance

The entrance of your office is clean. Get rid of any obstacles that clients face to navigate through your workplace. If you operate from house interior design, try to make an official entry point.

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