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No rush to reach the office? No road traffic? No long routes? No “Oh my GOD, I-forgot-that-file-at-home panic attacks”? Yes, welcome to work from home, world. 

Disclaimer: It’s not as easy as it sounds in the above line; it demands certain things.

work from home has become quite a thing now, especially since Corona. It was the only option. Even now, it’s over; Many people have embraced working from home, as their work nature is remote. Every 2 out of 5 people works from home.

work from home sounds very attractive, as we find our homes the most comfortable place. Of course, it is, but working from home is not that straightforward. It changes the perspective a bit. The comfort we find at our home is not very helpful for your focus while WFH unless you take care of these few things.

Improve Your Focus during Work from Home 

4 Essential Items and 5 Practical Tips

Set Up Your Work Station:

Setting up your home-based Office Interior Design is essential for work from home. It’s not possible to work efficiently just by sitting anywhere in your home with a laptop. You need to set up a dedicated workstation to stay focused.

A dedicated home-based office will save you from distraction and increase your productivity and comfort. Investing in your home-based office is one of the safest and most valuable investments you will ever make.

Some Must-Haves in Home-Based Office:

  • Gear Up with Office Chair:

The office chair provides a unique blend of comfort and activeness. You can work for hours if you sit comfortably on an excellent comfortable office chair. There is a massive variety of office chairs. They come in different sizes and styles, I prefer an office chair with a high back because of comfort level, but it depends on your own choice. However, there is one thing you should always look for in an office chair: adjustability. Adjustability is the main characteristic of a good office chair.  

  • Desk-up Your Kingdom:

Here comes the game changer of work from home, world. An office desk is a basic need for your home-based office. It gives you power accessibility along with space. It depends on your need and area, which would be an ideal desk for you. It comes with many options. Before buying an office desk, ensure it has storage and its height is appropriate for your posture.

  • Let the Lamp Illuminate You:

Proper lighting is essential at the workplace. You may have a balanced lighting system in your home-based office, but it doesn’t feel complete without an office desk lamp. Nothing works better than office desk lamps when you need extra light in a specific area, especially when reading essential documents. Again, lamps also have a wide range of designs and functions, But all you need to look for is a lamp design that is suitable for your desk size, and yes, of course, it must provide perfect illuminating light.       

  • Your Tiny Green Friends…Office Plants:

“Keep going, Keep growing” is a silent message we get from plants. Plants are the source of refreshing feeling. Office or desk plants do not only look beautiful, but they can be mood boosters for most of us. 

It is very usual to have little anxiety sometimes while working, But green plants on your table can help you feel relaxed. This is one of my favorite things to have in the home-based office.

 Set Up Your Mind: 

Working from home is not easy as the home is where you are habitual of resting and relaxing. At first, it seems an excellent thought to work from the comfort of your home and not to travel to and from work daily and bear the traffic. However, once you start working from home, it is another story. Your family, full of food kitchen, master bed, and wait, all of our favorite: a TV lounge is always there to distract you from work. Therefore, you must practice these easy 4 tips to improve focus while working from home.

Some Must-Follow Tips in Home-Based Office:

  • Respect the Timings 

It’s pretty natural to lose track of punctuality while working from home as there are no such hard and fast rules present and no one to reprimand us. We have no idea how important it is to set our priorities and timing while working from home because one can lose a lot of time at home by procrastination. To avoid this, Follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Set your work from home hours
  2. Think of them as your face-to-face office hours.
  3. Stay strict on yourself about punctuality and time.
  • No, Not in Pjs!

“You can have anything in life if you dress for it” – Edith Head.

This quote actually holds meaning to how we dress up impacts our mindset. Yeah, I know many of you will not like what I am about to say! One should be at least a little dressed up even while working from home. No, I don’t mean wearing a suit or peep toes, but at least dressing up. It may be very homely to work in shorts or Pjs, but it isn’t practical. Waking up, getting fresh, dressing up a little would make you feel active and help you keep focus while working from home.

  • Hit the Targets:

Whether working from the office or home, planning up your work is key to staying focused. Schedule your meetings and tasks, set up everyday targets, and don’t step back from them. It is easy to delay one day’s work to another day, especially while working from home, but that will only cause you a jumble at the end. Don’t let delay be an enemy of your progress!

  • Breaks are Better than Break-down:

Well, we all value and cherish break-time during work. There is always a specific break-time in offices, and let’s admit that that’s the second-best part of the day, 1st is off-time of course. Often, people don’t set a proper break-time while working from home, which is not healthy and practical. While working from home, you should always set a specific break-time. This way, you can:

  • Divide work into two parts (Before and after a break)
  • Be more active and fresh
  • Be more focused

Working without breaks can dull your mind for the time being and disturb your focus.


Work from home is fantastic, but keeping your focus while working from home can be challenging. Challenging but, of course, not impossible. All you need to do is:

  • Create a beautiful, Isolated, and comfortable home-based office for yourself.
  • Be your boss, and keep the tips mentioned above in your mind.

All the best, Feed your focus!!

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