Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is a state of India that is surrounded by Tibet, Myanmar, and Bhutan. It is one of the most undiscovered and unexplored places in our country, but it is also home to some beautiful places. There are so many tourist attractions in Arunachal Pradesh that you can’t help but fall in love with it. You won’t regret spending your money on exploring this state.

Visiting popular tourist attractions such as Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, and so on is exciting and adventurous, but unknown tourist attractions such as Arunachal Pradesh are completely different. Here are some of the top locations to go in Arunachal Pradesh.

Because of its location and lack of connectivity, Arunachal Pradesh is the easternmost state of India.

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the best tourist attractions in India because of its mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, etc.

Nature, mountains, and other landscapes are in their virgin state and far from the chaos and noise of cities.

You will fall in love with the weather in Arunachal Pradesh, as well as the monasteries and other retreat centers that will help you cleanse your mind and body while you are here.

Tourist Places in Arunachal Pradesh

  1. Tawang

Tawang, situated in Arunachal Pradesh, is a must-visit tourist attractions known for its picturesque landscapes and natural wonders. This charming town boasts a clear blue sky, snow-capped mountains, and passes, making it a popular spot among tourists.

The Tawang Chu River adds to the enchanting beauty of this place. Visitors can truly immerse themselves in nature by exploring the lush forests and finding peace and serenity at Buddhist monasteries.

Located 448km from Itanagar at an elevation of 3048m, Tawang also boasts several lakes and waterfalls that will leave a lasting impression on your journey. The best time to visit is in May when the weather is ideal for outdoor activities.

Some must-see attractions include the Tawang Monastery, Indo-China border, Jaswant Garh Tawang War Memorial, Urgelling Gompa, Tawang Craft Center, Madhuri Lake, Pangong Tso Lake, Bap Teng Kang Waterfalls, and Nuranang Falls.

2. Namdapha National Park

Out of the limited number of locations in India, the Namdapha National Park is one where you can spot the elusive Red Panda. It is crucial to protect their population in every area they inhabit due to their rarity.

As the third-largest park and a biodiversity hotspot, it also houses all four big cats – tiger, leopard, clouded leopard, and snow leopard. To explore this park, consider hiring a guide from Duban who will lead you through the lush rainforests until you reach Lisu Village.

If you are determined to see Red Pandas, you can also visit Arshu. With its abundant wildlife and captivating landscapes, this makes for one of the top tourist attractions to visit in Arunachal Pradesh.

3. Ziro Valley

Arunachal Pradesh is the perfect place to spend a summer vacation in India! Check out these must-see places to explore local culture and immerse yourself in nature’s paradise: Pine Grove and Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in Ziro Valley, Meghna Cave Temple, and the vibrant Ziro Valley Music Festival. Explore the beauty of Arunachal Pradesh by wandering through expansive rice fields.

4. Roing

For those seeking small settlements, a quaint atmosphere, and breathtakingly beautiful and exotic locations, Roing is the perfect tourist attractions to visit.

Considered one of the top places to see in Arunachal Pradesh, this peaceful haven allows for a hassle-free trip without the need for extensive planning or long hours of travel. Simply pack your bags and set off for an unforgettable experience.

From serene lakes to lush valleys and captivating wildlife sanctuaries, Roing offers a picturesque setting that appeals to families and honeymooners alike.

5. Pashigat

If you’re looking for tourist places in Arunachal Pradesh, then this is a must-visit destination. It is also known as the Gateway of Arunachal Pradesh, and lies near the Siang River Valley, where the water is pristine blue in color. In addition to offering beautiful views of forests, waterfalls, bridges, etc., the place has different kinds of traditions and cultures.

By visiting this area, one can explore many places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh. The soothing sounds of birds, the quietness of village life, and the lifestyles of tribals can be experienced here. You can experience Siang River, snowcapped mountain peaks, Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Mouling National Park, etc., to get a full picture of the region.

6. Sela Pass

At an altitude of 13,700 feet lies a mountain pass surrounded by snow all year round. This popular tourist spot is considered sacred by Buddhists, who believe it is surrounded by 101 lakes.

Among these lakes is the renowned Sela Lake, known for its spectacular freezing in winter. For nature enthusiasts, this is a picturesque paradise worth visiting. As you journey through this pass, you will be treated to breathtaking views of the Himalayas.

The ideal times to visit are March to April and October to November. A trip to Sela Pass in Arunachal Pradesh will undoubtedly be a highlight of your stay.

7. Bomdila

One can never go wrong with this stunning town, known as one of the top tourist attractions in Arunachal Pradesh. Perched at an altitude of 8000 ft. above sea level, this remote location boasts breathtaking views of snow-covered mountains and abundant natural beauty.

The lively landscape is enhanced by apple orchards, an orchid sanctuary, and verdant valleys, making it a must-see spot. For mountain enthusiasts, the magnificent Goreichen Peak and Kangto Peak are visible from here, making it an ideal tourist attractions.

Against picturesque backdrops, the Buddhist and Hindu temples add to the visual feast of this mystical place. There is much more to explore once you visit!

8. Talle Valley

Talley Valley in Arunachal Pradesh is a must-see tourist attractions. The journey to this valley is an enriching experience, offering insights into the ancient tribal culture and customs. It is remarkable how much care and regard they have for their forests.

Along the trek, you will pass through Pangey, Talley, and Ziro Valleys, all inhabited by the Apatani people who have developed sustainable techniques to preserve their forests.

One such method is their taboo period where they refrain from entering or hunting in the forest. Through this practice, they are successfully conserving their precious forests.

9. Tezu

The town of Tezu, situated in the Lohit district of Arunachal Pradesh, boasts a rich Mishmi tribal heritage and breathtaking scenery, making it a must-see tourist attractions. In fact, it’s even listed as one of the top places to visit in India during May.

Immerse yourself in the fusion of culture and nature at two popular attractions – Parashuram Kund and Glow Lake near Kangto Peak. Nestled at an altitude of 185 meters above sea level, Tezu offers a diverse landscape and is home to the pristine Dibang River and fascinating Apa Tani tribe.

Its strategic location close to Bumla Pass and Kangto Peak has also earned it a spot among the most sought-after tourist spots in the region.

10. Dirang

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