6 Examples of How Historic and Modern Piece of Structure Come Together To Amaze the World

We do not usually see it, but when historical piece architecture and modern structures come together, the outcomes can be extremely surprising. City skylines are defined by every type of architecture, both classic and modern; it has an impact on the perceived memory of the place. All these are the results of interior design ideas.

Instance abounds, including nearly any structure designed by such as Calatrava, Santiago, Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, and Rem Koolhaas. Their building structure designs very much like a force of nature and can transform any architecture around.

When architects decide, that in its place of building around or in place of historical architectures, to build in or atop the actual foundations, magic occurs. When these 2 worlds of new and old come together, the outcome can be unbelievable.

With this, you’ll see the best instance of when modern and historic architecture comes to combine to produce something superior to the sum of their parts.

City of Fashion and Design (Paris)

This fantastic architecture is situated along the banks of the Seine River. Designed by local company Jakob and MacFarlane, the structure was built within old general stores and a best sample of interior design ideas.

What used to be a place that lacked an apparent character is currently instantly recognizable by the super advance, bright green architecture on its exterior.

Brooklyn Museum (New York City)

With nearly 1.5 million works, this place is the 2nd largest art collection of NYC, it is completed in 1895, the Beaux-Arts building was designed by Mead, McKim, and White. 

In the year 2004, a charming 60 million dollar glass entrance was to greet every visitor. Designed by Ennead Architects (in past known as Polshek Partnership), more than 15,000 square feet pavilion offers a striking juxtaposition to the more conventional backdrop of the Brooklyn Museum façade.

Port Authority (Antwerp)

Another best example of interior design ideas architected by the incredible brain of Zaha Hadid, the Port Authority structure is quite factually like no other architecture on earth. When completed in 2016, the renovation with extension took a once derelict fire station and changed it into a new headquarters of the Port Authority.

Currently, the new structure home designs the five hundred staffers, all of whom earlier worked in separate architectures around Antwerp.

Museum of Military History (Dresden)

Built firstly as an weapon store in 1876, the architecture officially becomes a museum building in 1897. By the year 1989, though, the German GOVT decided to shut down the public area due to its uncertainty as to how it wanted history to bear in mind its military positions.

The space reopened again in 2011, but not before a décor was executed by Daniel Libeskind. His main vision added a state-of-the-art façade, which juts from an otherwise conventional neoclassic building.

Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto)

The Royal Ontario Museum has a deep past that can be studied by architecture. It was initially built in 1914 in a new-Romanesque style, only be to later decorated in art-deco-inspired form.

By the year 2007, Daniel Libeskind added a multi-million dollar extension designed primarily of aluminum, glass, and steel. It’s one of the biggest museums in North America and the biggest in whole Canada. It attracts more than 1 million travelers each year and makes the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

St. Antony’s College (Oxford)

This state-of-the-art architecture and result of the best interior design ideas is within the campus of the oldest university in England is the creation of the well-known architect Zaha Hadid. She builds this modern piece with stainless steel façade that connects the buildings within the Middle East Center of the Oxford, a department that researches the social science and humanities in the Arab world.

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