Anthony Barretta’s Manhattan Apartment Renovations are Glorious

If you’re a fan of Anthony Baratta’s signature high-drama Americana, then you’ll love this Manhattan Apartment renovation. From the initial renovation to the final touches, everything was done with care and precision to create a space that’s both beautiful and functional. These are ideas are best source of flat interior design.

The designer even went so far as to incorporate vintage furniture because he wanted it to feel authentic and comfortable at the same time. Derek Featherstone took this eclectic mix of pieces and combined them with modern updates, while still being respectful of their historical previous use.

This particular renovation was a new build. There are no details that were left out. Instead, the Room by Room Guide gave a complete run-down of the entire construction process and all of its modifications. It’s even got plans detailing every single piece of installation in order to make it extra easy for DIYers to mimic (i’m sure they wish they could have). I love when renovators leave their projects up in order to help others who want to try their hand at a similar project. That shows me that this designer is putting his heart and soul into this project, and that was one of the reasons why I wanted to share some of these flat interior design used here.

Now, let’s talk about the inspiration behind this design. The craziest part about it is that all of these tastes run together in an amazingly cohesive way. I know that seems impossible to believe, but it’s all true. The designer credits his client, who instilled a trendy yet classic theme within the entire design, which is why it works so well.

The first thing we need to discuss are the incredible pieces of classic furniture that have been customized and added to this Manhattan Apartment renovation in order to create a fresh and spacious interior design. I love the variety and level of detail that went into this seemingly small selection of pieces, but they all go together to create a cohesive style that’s still unique.

Another idea related to flat interior design are pale green walls. The pale green walls provide a neutral backdrop that makes the beautiful patterns in the furniture really pop. There are few colors present within this design, but they work together in order to create a visually stunning space that you’ll never want to leave.

While there’s nothing in this apartment that’s too surprising, it all comes together in such an elegant and functional way that it looks like a five-star hotel suite. I love how the furniture has been modified and customized just enough to make it unique, but not so much as to take away from its historical value.

Most of the furniture was obtained from local antique stores and auctions, so that’s why it boasts such a high level of uniqueness. What really makes these pieces stand out is the fact that they’re all in pristine condition, despite the high level of wear that they would’ve originally had. This proves to me that you can create a trendsetting interior design without having to spend thousands upon thousands on brand new furniture.

The designer also added in a few contemporary touches with bargain finds from IKEA, such as the unique coffee table made from birch plywood and black glass top, which was only $150 when I checked today! Even with small budget pieces like this one, you can still create an awesome Manhattan Apartment renovation for your flat interior design.

The furniture is the centerpiece of this interior design, but I do want to point out that there’s also a lot of attention to detail within the accessories. The comforter and bedding are a perfect example of this. They’re vibrant in color and full of life, which is exactly what you want when it comes to an interior design project. And I love the vintage throw pillows and wooden lamp!

The best part about this Manhattan Apartment remodel is that it’s left with rich, warm tones. The designer has done this to keep the space feeling cozy and inviting, so it’s not cold or impersonal at all. It also helps maintain the timeless feel throughout, which is an important aspect of any design project. You don’t want to throw away your traditional ornaments and decorations in order for a fresh new look to show through. Even though the decor was changed, it still perfectly complements the previous style and color scheme of this space.

The designer took all of the furniture and accessories that he had in mind and utilized them to the best of their ability. There’s something about this Manhattan Apartment renovation that’s just so inviting and comfortable, and I’m sure it has a lot to do with the colors that were used throughout. They tie everything together in an elegant, cohesive manner.

I love how the designer utilized clean lines in order to give even more space to all of these gorgeous pieces. It’s amazing how much antique furniture looks like it belongs when they’re all combined together!

It’s so hard to believe that there are only a few colors present within this entire Manhattan Apartment renovation, but it works because they’re such vibrant colors. This designer has proven that you don’t have to be afraid to experiment with new colors in order to stand out from the crowd. Most of the time, neutrals are the best way to go when it comes to interior design, but this project proves that rule wrong.

There’s one major color that we haven’t touched on yet, and that’s black. Black has a reputation for being reserved and cold, but I think it works perfectly here because it adds an elegant touch with its warm wooden accents. You can also use these ideas for your flat interior design.

Anthony Barretta is an extremely talented designer, who has a gift for creating spaces that are both modern and timeless at the same time. The word “glorious” comes to mind when I think about how great this renovation turned out. I’m also impressed by how seamlessly it all holds together and works as a whole, without looking like a bunch of random parts put together in random ways. It’s absolutely perfect, which is why I want to share it with you today.

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