6 Amazing Hexagon Tile Designs You Should Install In Your Bathroom

Do you want to glorify your Bath Room Design in a trendy and modern style? Hexagon tiles might be the best choice so far. You can adorn your bathroom using these bathroom design tiles India with different colors and patterns to create a sleek bathroom modern interior design.  

While square or diamond-shaped tiles are conventional, hexagon tiles have a timeless beauty all their own. They also can blend in with various styles, giving each space in your house interior design a new appearance. Not only are these tiles a great option for your bathroom floor, but also you can use them on the walls. That’s right! Make your Bath Room Design ideas even more stunning by using these hexagon tiles to your bathroom walls. 

Let’s look at some of the most beautiful bathroom hex tile designs with attractive colors and combinations. 

  • Floral Hex Tiles

Spice up your bathroom floor and walls with a floral tile pattern for a fresh appearance. This inventive hex Design Inspiration adds a distinct flow and texture to the floor. It lends a traditional appeal to this vintage-modern bathroom. It also helps to balance the bathroom’s diverse color palettes. You can use these floral tiles on your bathroom walls as well, keeping the floor tiles neutral. 

Hexagon Blue and White Tiles

You might fascinate this hex tile design if you are a blue lover! Hexagon tiles in navy blue or black create a uniform design that is ideal for producing a high-contrast effect. Make the area even more alluring by adding a blue (or black) and white patterned accent wall. You also can use hex tiles on the walls in combination with a white floor. 

Apart from the tiles, the tile grout plays an important role in achieving a beautiful wall or floor finish. There are many preferences to pick from when it comes to color combinations. If you want to adhere to tradition, choose a darker tile with white or lighter grout. Still, the color scheme and choice you select are determined by the personality you want to project in your space. But the use of blue tiles with the pure white grout is form or elegance and beautiful on its own. 

  1. Hex Tile Art With Different Colors And Designs

This design of hexagon tiles is best suited for bathroom walls. And is considered as the best bathroom design tiles India. You may put together a collection of hexagon tiles in various colors to add interest to your floor and walls. Using different tile designs to the walls can add a historic and vintage effect to your bathroom. Experimenting with colors and textures is a great way to liven up the monotony of a bathroom with hexagon tile.

  1. Abstract wall

Do you want to try something unique? Only cover the bottom half of the wall with hexagon tiles, and arrange it in an abstract design. This is guaranteed to catch your guests’ attention and create a highly distinctive and stylish look. 

Use colors and patterns randomly to create a gallery-worthy piece of art for your walls. A combination of neutral tiles in the bathroom that are brilliantly mismatched and accented by patterned floor tiles is highly suitable for any area. The key is to allow your imagination to go wild and build one-of-a-kind interiors that you’ll never tire of. To tie the space together, add a stylish pendant light.

  • Printed Hexagon Tiles

Another type of bathroom design tiles India are printed motifs. You can double the effect of your hexagon tiles with pattern options that include printed motifs. It ranges from detailed designs with the trademarks of past ages to current, wacky prints with brilliant colors. Keep the basic Decorating Ideas that aren’t too fussy. Try to give a unity look by incorporating the same general color to ensure your flooring remains the appropriate focus point. Incorporate some metallic components, such as metal tiles, to enhance the texture of the design for extra drama.

  • Mosaic Backsplash Hexagon Tile Designs

You might understand the function of the backsplash in our bathrooms and kitchen. If you are unaware, let me tell you what backsplash is! It is a vertical counter extension, most commonly in the kitchen or bathroom. Incorporating a backsplash into your bathroom is a wonderful way to protect the walls above your countertops from spills while also adding style to the space.

Mosaics are a popular hexagon tile design style, and their diversity of colors and designs blended onto one sheet of tile make for a gorgeous backsplash. If your bathroom or kitchen is a little too monotone, a colorful hexagon tile backsplash will brighten it up dramatically. 

Wrapping It Up!

This article discuss the best and commonly used bathroom design tiles India. i.e. Hex tiles make a magnificent and dramatic statement and give gray interiors a trendy makeover. When it comes to renovating using geometrical hex patterns, the possibilities are endless. You will never run out of options, from the timeless classic to sleek modern. Create a unique-looking bathroom with your lovely Home Décor Ideas with these stunning hexagon tiles. 

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