Home décor Accessories That Upgrade Your Space

Home is a particular space, designed with your preferences, where a person feels more comfortable and alive. It usually reflects your nature. Everyone loves to decorate their home. However, very few people know how to do it the right way. Here is the list of home decoration items, that is need of every house.

When shifting to your new home, you are certainly more conscious about everything, whether its wall decor, curtains, photo frames, vases, rugs, furniture, or kitchen accessories. 

Which type of curtains do you want to use or how do you want to arrange your furniture in each room, what will be the color combination of your wall, do you want to add original art in frames or go with plant décor. Which type of cushions or rugs do you want to use with your selected theme etc. You want to decorate your home in a beautiful way that looks welcoming.

Everyone has different styles and patterns while decorating their home but must add up a few home accessories.

List of accessories 

Here is the list of home decoration items, that you need for your new build house. Let,s start


Investing in art never goes out of fashion. Surrounded by all of the items, one piece of original art speaks for itself. It gives a vigorous look to your room. Art is the perfect way to show yourself to others what kind of person you are and what you appreciate in your life. It makes you build intense relationships with whoever comes to your home.

wall decor

The color theme of your wall always attracts people. Some people like dark colors or some like light, but it should be according to your room space. If you have a smaller space, then use dark shade. It makes your room looks bigger. There are different kinds of wall décor available in markets. You have to purchase it according to your choice. Different home decoration items for walls include wall art, wall accents, wall mirrors, can light up and give a new lease on life.


Plants have a very positive impact on mood and reduce stress levels. Choose plants according to your living room style and sitting area. If you have a small room, it turns to smaller plants, but you can use the cactus family if you want to go for plants that do not require much care.

You can use different styles of plants at a separate location. Hang plants on the balcony and garden. Use different kinds of customized pretty pots rather you can paint your own. Instead of using the whole plant, you can only use a branch to put it in a vase. Smaller plants on the shelf, beside the window, and in the kitchen look pretty amazing. A high humidity plant for the bathroom and a larger plant are better ideas to fill the space beside the sofa. You can place low-light plants to light up dark corners. Choose the plants with the similarity to fit in with the style of your home.

Mirror and Lamps

Mirror and Lamps are considered as commonly used home decoration items. Filing the empty wall of the room with different kinds of mirrors adds up the volume and makes it look full and sizeable. Other types of rectangle, small, square, and modern round shape mirrors, are readily available in markets. 

Furthermore, it’s necessary to keep in mind the room’s theme when decorating your wall with mirrors. The silver framed mirror looks impressive when used in the living room. You can add a bronze sunburst mirror and give a classic feel to the house. A round shape mirror with a minimalistic frame provides a simple and elegant look in the sitting area. Last but not least, don’t forget about the sizeable minimal standing mirror. It makes your room more grace-full and feels more appealing.

Among the other home decor accessories that upgrade the look of your home is a lamp. Whether it’s a table lamp, floor lamp, or hanging lights, it’s a great way to make your home light up and more colorful. You can fill the space with floor lamps as a decorative item; hence it adds more light to your room and looks appealing. The color of the lampshade must match the interior design of your room, so it feels more connected and balanced. 

Adding dramatic pendant wall light or feature lamp will illuminate your entire house more than any other decor item. There are different varieties available in the market you can choose it according to your home style and taste.


Selecting the right kind of rug for your bedroom or living room can modify the environment. Use a mat matching the room’s color scheme. Add small multicolor or black and white zebra rugs best for the living room. 

Additionally, you can use digital pattern rugs for a modern look. Furthermore, you can add bath-matt and welcome matt at the front/entry door. These Matts can make a big difference in the decoration of the house and gives a warm, welcoming attitude.


You can decorate your home more effortlessly and stylishly with vases. You can find a wide variety of vases. Nowadays, you can use ceramic, glass, metal, or concrete vases. You can add fresh flowers or artificial ones. If you go with the ceramic one, the best thing is that you can use it on its own because the flower’s stem is not visible. 

You can add pampas grass in a large floor vase beside the standing mirror. It creates a dynamic display. Adding artificial botanicals lights up the entire space; some faux floral arrangements are the best choice if you like to keep it simple. You can choose the color and materials of vases according to your room style.

Photo frames

You can decorate your home with photo frames in a very inexpensive way. You can print out your happiest memories or your favorite picture in the frame. You can use a small amount of space for multiple photos by making a layout on a wall. You can use black and white theme photographs and print them on canvas for more refined results.

If you like simple or more sophisticated, then you can go for minimalist or abstract art, print it out, and put them in frames; nothing looks more attractive than these frames. You can use motivational quotes with a black and white theme as well.

A list of these home decoration items is a must-buy if you want to go for a change. Let this decor idea appeal to the ones who come to your home.

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