How to Decorate Your Cottage Front Door

Finding the ideal front door elevation design for the cottage of your home will give it the perfect finishing touch to make your cottage go from dull to awe-inspiring. Of course, selecting an entirely new front door isn’t an easy job and is among the most crucial choices you could take for the home you live in. When looking for the possibilities for a cottage front door, it is essential to choose a secure style while attractive to the eye.

How do you ensure you’ve picked the best style for your home elevation design? It’s a bit overwhelming with all the different options for front door designs to pick from. But, as long as you choose the design of your front door that you like that fits with the design of your home and matches the other homes in the area, you can’t go far wrong.

House Number Plate

Replace the house numbers with basic ones for an attractive front entrance appearance. This home number planter blends stained cedar planks, contemporary metal numbers, and lush, succulent plants for a unique front entrance display. Make sure that the figures are at least four inches high to make them visible when you walk by.

Pick Pastel Paint

A smudge of periwinkle, lavender, or sage is an elegantly charming and fresh look to a cottage home. Pastel is beautifully complemented by rustic flower pots and a roof thatched – it’s the perfect method to achieve that romantic rustic look as well as perfect elevation design. If you’re looking for a quick DIY project, paint your doors yourself or purchase one that’s already been painted.


Direct guests to the driveway or the street towards the front door using a marked and well-maintained walkway. Clean the walkway regularly to keep it free of debris and dirt. As well as the welcome mat, think about placing a bigger outdoor rug that will give your front porch a cleaner appearance. Another option for front-facing ideas? Change house numbers into letters, and write down your address, if space permits.

Smart Tech

Today, innovative technology is available for many outdoor products such as doorbells, lighting hardware, locks, security cameras, and much more. Track packages using an intelligent doorbell that can also double as a camera. You can also let your babysitter in using doors that are smart and permit remote access using a phone application, a single-time code, or fingerprint access. Choose the right finishes for your innovative exterior technology. The black matte finish on the doorbell, sconce, and other hardware complements its contemporary exterior–to create a seamless front entryway.

Bright Colors

If you’re looking for a type of house elevation design to be noticed by its front door, painting it with a bold, vibrant hue like cobalt blue, deep, bright yellow, or reds will enhance the curb appeal of your home. Pick a shade that complements the exterior of your home but also reflects your style and style, creating an ambiance that is harmonious between outside and inside.

Add Charm with a Customized Front Door

Cottage style is about the craft behind the items. So why not think about the possibility of a custom-designed entrance door for your cottage?

The right door for your home placed just right in the doorway will alter your house’s overall design and be a pleasure each time you use it. The style and the age of cottages are ideal for using a professional joinery firm to design something as essential and essential as the front door. A professional will be capable of guiding the design process, ensuring the original period details are accurate, and will also know to install your entry in a manner that is compatible with the style of the home.

Try an Antique Door Elevation Design

When you’re looking for ideas for your home’s elevation design and front door cottage, ensure that you don’t overlook antique doors. Many old front doors have an old-fashioned patina that modern doors can’t duplicate.

But, purchasing an old front door needs more consideration. Make sure to check the measurements and then list the sizes of doors you require. Note that door frames need doors 10mm narrower in height and width to leave a 5mm gap across the entrance. You may need to adjust, particularly on heights, as older houses often had thresholds within the doorways. Most points have been taken away, and the threshold is typically 20mm higher than the comprised door.


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